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Looking for a speaker who can engage and entertain your teams without fluff?  Caroline can delight even the most skeptical audiences with a new approach to preparing ourselves for the changing workplace.  Creativity is the tool we need to rediscover for more resilience, engagement, and ability to face uncertainty.

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Creative Resilience

"The Status Quo Sucks" -- George Carlin

With the advent of artificial intelligence, logic is increasingly outsourced to computers.
Creativity is the #3 required skill in 2020 according to the World Economic Forum. We are all wired to be creative - just like we all breathe or poop.  Uncertainty and vulnerability go hand and hand with creativity. Build your resiliency muscle as you learn to fail. If we learn how to fail when the stakes are low, we can be more confident in knowing ourselves, our process, and recover easier when the stakes are high.

Firmly rooted in the neuroscience research about how creativity works, and how it connects to resilience. Learn the different types of creativity, and how to jumpstart this essential ability. Identify how to create optimal conditions for innovation, to maintain your competitive advantage, and develop resilience.

Art + Science = Peanut Butter + Chocolate

"You can't use up creativity - The more you use, the more you have" --- Maya Angelou

If you have been told you are a "left brainer" you might be drawn to data, figures, and facts.  Here's a fact - you are also highly creative, and creativity uses your whole brain, including your left and right sides.
Proven with neuroscience research, creativity is so much more than painting and performance.  Creativity includes how to apply original thinking to small innovations, such as a new technique, efficient spreadsheet, or quality control process. Creativity was rated as the #1 leadership skill by 60% of CEOs (IBM), and the #3 skill required in 2020 (WEF).  By 2030, two to four+ million Canadians may need to transition across occupations and skill levels to stay in the workforce.
Identify the difference between divergent and convergent thinking.  Create an environment to set you and your team up to be leaders in innovation.
Above all, reconnect to your curious inner creative child, passionate about exploring new challenges and never taking "no" for an answer.

Do you wish you could find an energetic, funny yet credible host?

I am equally comfortable with scientific, technical material as I am with comedy.

If you are interested in what I can do to support your next event as a Host, MC or comedian, click here to contact me.



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Looking for some new ideas to help you practice with freedom and ease? Check out Caroline's style to see if it meshes with yours

Creative Resilience

Caroline Brookfield, DVM.

Creativity for Professionals

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Dr. Catherine Miller DVM.


Unconventional Inspiration

Finding new solutions is what gets me up in the morning. Don't tell me "because it always has been done that way". Infinite curiosity  drives me and my decisions.  I am unashamedly unapologetic about my varied interests.

My curiosity inspired me to learn the world of e-commerce, spend a day as a Carnie at the Townsville Fair,  perform stand-up comedy, and enroll in a Certificate of professional management. ADHD much?  Not a liability, but a diversified, unique skill set to connect disparate concepts that translate to unconventional yet effective results.

If you are looking for someone to deliver a conversational, funny, and paradigm shifting talk to conservative professionals, without scaring them senseless, then I'm here for you. I have diverse experience (20+years) as a veterinarian in research, clinical practice, teaching, industry, wildlife, conservation and zoo medicine. I have built two websites (three if you include this easy little one). I built and operated a service based temporary staffing business, as well an online jewelry business, starting both brands from scratch. I will help you connect random concepts that will open your eyes to all the possibilities.  

You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step -- Martin Luther King

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