Being a Locum Tenens (relief) practitioner takes a specific skill and personality set for long term success.
Here are a few that over my 20 years of experience as a locum that I consider necessary for longevity as a locum:
1. Flexibility – “my way or the highway” mentality is seldom welcome!
2. Professionalism – show up ready to work, with a good attitude
3. Patience – Staff might be stressed working with a new doctor, they could use some understanding
4. Honest – work within your abilities or refer
5. Communicate – be very clear with staff and take care with medical records
6. Competent – stay up to date on latest treatments and techniques
7. Timely – compete tasks competently and proficiently in a reasonable time
8. Personable – you wouldn’t be a locum if you didn’t like meeting new people!
9. Respect – staff and clients may react in different ways to a locum – don’t take it personally!
10. Schedule – Perform work presented, refer if necessary and never leave early – as soon as you do an emergency will come in!