Are you stuck doing everything the same as usual, yet still dissatisfied with the results? Do you feel stuck in a pattern that you know isn't working, but just can't see it any other way?
Some of the advice you get seems totally irrelevant to your position and daily routine. Speakers are passionate about their topic but just don't know the unique struggles you face in medicine?
I know how important it is to book professional speakers who excite, but also energize the audience to action. I have worked in many areas of Veterinary Medicine including research, academia, small animal practice, emergency, non-profit, industry and more. As a locum tenens for 20 years, I have worked in hundreds of veterinary practices and learned something at every single one. I know how veterinarians think.
If you want a memorable, professional, yet funny and engaging presentation, with actionable takeaways, consider me for your next event.
Get to know me here:

It has taken me until my 40s to really get to know who I am, and what special talents I have to offer. I always felt that I was a pretty good veterinarian, but I seemed to always have a different point of view from many of my colleagues.  I started completing personality tests in my journey to complete my Certificate of Professional Management, and found myself fascinated with the results. What I had previously considered "flaws" in my character are now part of the uniqueness that makes me stand out in my other zones of genius. What makes me different? I'm an out of the box thinker, visionary big picture veterinarian who loves to find emergency exits in dead ends. I have a creative side that led me to start my own line of jewelry, practice stand-up comedy and improv. I love to learn, about pretty much anything. Learning from an audience about their challenges and solutions on a topic I'm passionate about?  That's like peanut butter and chocolate.

I connect random concepts from unrelated disciplines and apply them in new ways to make work more effective and fun.  For instance, technology tools I mastered as an e-commerce entrepreneur have different and amazing applications in the veterinary space.

I live in beautiful Calgary, Alberta with my patient husband, 2 boys, 1 lazy rescue dog and a geriatric cat who drools when she is happy.
In my spare time you'll find me gardening, hiking, skiing, travelling, performing stand up comedy,  reading on any topic and connecting with friends.