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Uncertainty sucks. 2020 brought a Tsunami of change that caught most of us with our pants down, and without toilet paper!
Creativity seems like an unlikely solution to our anxiety about the future.
However, creativity is the foundation for adapting to the future with joy and strength. I'll prove it.

Unflappable by Uncertainty.

Every-day Creativity for Confidence in Uncertainty
Offered as a Keynote or Interactive Workshop (yes, even via Zoom)

Certainty meant survival long ago, but not now.
Our predators are emails, 24h news, parenting fails, deadlines.
Chasing us constantly, our modern tigers are causing anxiety and insecurity.

You can learn to face uncertainty with more confidence.
You can find joy despite ambiguity.
Work, Play and Innovate better.

Plus, uncertainty leads you to unconsciously make poor decisions (remember that email you sent at 2am to "get it off your chest".  Ouch!).

Everyday creativity fosters engagement at work, better job performance, adaptability innovation and happiness!

The good news?  Creativity is like poop.  We are all full of it.

"Thank you for your inspiring workshop on uncertainty.  It provoked good thoughts and lasting contemplation.  And it was fun!"   
     -Caitlyn Burda, Helena Women's Leadership Network. (Zoom webinar)

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Caroline Brookfield, Speaker

Pearl Necklaces are timeless. Your skill set is not.

DANCE™ into your Regret-Proof Future
Offered as a Keynote or Interactive Workshop
(yes, even via Zoom)

Before COVID, WEF predicted that 85% of jobs in 2030 don't even exist.
What secret sauce do you  need to thrive and survive in this gale of change?
Consider the #1 leadership skill voted by CEOs, the #1 soft skill according to LinkedIn, and the #1 most fun thing to do (according to most kindergarteners)?

You already possess the answer - it's easy, and might surprise you:  Creativity.


Creativity is like poop.  We are all full of it.  Nobody can teach you to be creative. It's your mojo.
But you can learn to create conditions to allow your creativity to lift your spirits ad keep you safe from the volatility in 2020 and beyond.

Sure, keep on doing things the same way, hoping that things will go "back to normal".  Whatever that means.

Creativity is so much more, and so much less than a paint night.  No painting, dancing, or singing required. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Trust me to help you find your mojo today, even though you needed it yesterday.

"Great energy session, really engaged the crowd, got everyone thinking (and laughing). One of the most engaging and fun events I`ve been to" - Dale Strukness, Calgary.

Stand-Up Comedy is one of my creative outlets.

I believe in the importance of data and evidence.
And, I also believe in the importance of humour, story, and relevance in delivery.
No pointless drivel. or snooze worthy bulleted lists.
You can expect audience interaction, self deprecating humour and hilarious stories, with a professional yet casual tone.

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Here's What I Think About That

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Check out Caroline's style in the videos below.
Also, check out her Speaker Reel here 

Creative Resilience

Caroline Brookfield, DVM.

Creativity Workshop

Creativity helps you thrive at work.


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