Creativity – Our Elemental Superpower

Creativity is an elemental, human gift. Forgotten, but never lost, we can all rediscover our creativity to make our lives better.
As a veterinarian and data nerd, I see creativity through a scientist's lens. Creativity is so much more than painting and singing.

Creativity is like boot camp for resilience.

Except it doesn't hurt as much. Usually.

We wish to quickly rebound from difficulties. 

Yet, an unwanted extra pump of syrup in our latte can leave us unhinged. 

Creativity is an elemental human gift.  Face uncertainty with a creative outlet.

Build confidence, confront failure, and thrill in the astonishing fruits of personal expression.



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Pearl Necklaces are timeless. Your skill set is not.

Can you believe that 85% of jobs in 2030 don’t even exist yet? 

The future of work involves rapid change, shifting skill requirements, and moving targets.
Employees used to chasing rabbits down holes will be left behind, counting their carrots.   

Unlock the essential human element of creativity.
Face uncertainty with more confidence, and thrive in the rapidly changing workplace.


Do you wish you could find an energetic, funny, and credible host?

I am equally comfortable with scientific and technical material as I am with comedy.

If you are interested in what I can do to support your next event as a Host, MC or comedian, click here to contact me.

Caroline Brookfield Speaker

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Creative Resilience

Caroline Brookfield, DVM.

Creativity Workshop

Creativity helps you thrive at work.


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