Are you an artist or a nerd? Creative Resilience.

Society loves to put us in boxes. Creative.  Artistic.  Nerd.  Jock.  I was torn between my love for animals and science in high school.  I felt a thrill onstage, and when I was developing photos in the dark room, time fell away.  Likewise, how an animal developed from an embryo, and the poetic mechanisms of the body were equally fascinating.

Finally, I chose a box.  The well defined path to Veterinary Medicine seemed somehow easier and safer.

Nowadays, the boxes are slowly being lifted away, and a much more permeable solution in its place.  Careers are more flexible, and we seem less concerned with what others think we “should” be doing.  Certainly, more people are blossoming and proudly standing in their own skins.

The degree on your wall, or the job title at work does not define you.  I was never a capable artist.  Struggling to draw stick people – even sticks – I labelled myself as “not artistic”.  Two decades later, I consider my creativity as my love for self-expression in stand-up comedy, the hours I spent doing graphic design for my businesses, and even waiting for just the right light to take that photograph.  I use creativity to book a vacation in my budget, a shortcut on a work process, or cooking a meal for my family.

Obviously, I am not a professional in any of these creative pursuits.  Above all, I find great joy and happiness in doing them.  Similarly, I bet that if you think carefully, you have at least one creative outlet that lights you up.  If not now, think back to your childhood. It could even be that you love to organize the shelves in your pantry with cute labels (PS if you like to do that, feel free to come to my house and do it here).  Please share your creative outlet in the comments!

In this video I ask you the question you need to ask yourself if you want to know if you are creative.  Creativity is essential to happiness and resilience, do you agree?