Champagne Taste With Beer Money: Creative Approaches to Work-Life Balance

As I head into December during a Calgary Deep Freeze, I have been considering my schedule for the month, and my so-called work-life balance.

I continue to work as a veterinarian while I transition to a full time speaker and workshop facilitator. Mid life crises (er… transitions) can be tricky. Can you relate? I have had a successful vet career so far, yet decided to start from scratch as a speaker. In the fall of 2019. Brilliant. So, I balance my new passion with my old standby.

The trick is, how much to work?

I have gone through many seasons in my professional life, from working 80-hour plus weeks and a heavy travel schedule, to stay at home mom to little kids, to part-time.

Do you ever feel like you either have time or money, never both?

Are you like me? Do you have champagne taste with beer money?

There never seems to be a balance.

How to you get bank account – life balance? 

I don’t know what works for you, but I’ll share what is mostly working for me, if it helps.

Build a Schedule That Works For Your Work-Life Balance

stick man balancing on a board with a ball underneath with life on one side and work on the other. Created by

The first is to craft a life that allows me to call the shots in my schedule.

I’m okay with risk, so being a locum tenens (self employed contractor, like a substitute teacher) works for me.

With the current vet shortage, I can work as much as I want. It is not always this way, but so far so good.

Self Employment allows me to choose my schedule and work around my home commitments and prioritize speaking engagements. I realize not everyone can do this.

If you are looking for more balance, can you negotiate your working hours or location?

Can you combine a part time job with a side hustle to afford some stability while you test entrepreneurship?

You would be living under a rock if you’re not bombarded with messages about working for yourself as a path to freedom.

Most people don’t do well with the uncertainty of work that is not guaranteed.

Well, is any work guaranteed, anyway?

Entrepreneurship is the hardest road I have traveled. It is not for everyone, and certainly not a guarantee of success. So, be proud if you are employed and paid well for your work. I heard Barbara Corcoran say on Shark’s Tank that an entrepreneur is someone who quit working 40 hours a week in order to work 80. 

That doesn’t sound like balance, either.

Whether you are employed or self employed, use creative thinking strategies to wonder “what if” and “how” things could be different, if you are looking for more work-life balance in any situation. 

One tip is to pose a question like “how might I get 3 hours more every week to practice the piano?” 

Use techniques like laddering or pictures as prompts, or think of ideas to get you fired. Remember to defer judgment, and to have fun! Sure, you’ll have bad ideas. But the bad ideas might help you think of the idea that changes everything.

Be Honest About What You Need for Work-Life Balance.

A man in a white shirt, grey suit, and maroon tie making a snow angel in many piles of money.

The second is to be honest with myself about how much money I really need.

I am not driven by money, but it is a reality of life. One of my mentors calls the “freedom points” because money helps you get what you want. When it comes to saving for the future, I realize that the discomfort of working a little more now will pay off in the long run. But, I want to balance that with being fully present in the moment and spend time with my family. There’s that balance again.

Now, I have no interest in retiring at all, ever. However, ultimately I  don’t want to be obliged to work to pay my bills in my twilight years. So, something’s gotta give. And that is the new pair of Fluevog boots that I’ve been eyeing.

I have simple tastes. I do like to travel, which works strategically with my current “next/current act” of public speaking. But, we have a 10 year old vehicle and I shop at thrift stores.

So, what works for me is a balance between working more than is comfortable, and jeopardizing my financial future by not finding enough paid work for retirement. I know this isn’t rocket science. Spend less and earn more. Simple, right? 

You could use creative ways to save money – renting equipment instead of purchasing something you rarely use, clip coupons, buy produce on sale and dehydrate it for winter soups (my current hobby). Change is hard. If you’re used to buying the fancy grey poupon mustard, changing to the neon yellow stuff might be a trade off you’re not willing to muster.

I wonder if you can dehydrate mustard……?

Aim for Good Enough Most of the Time.

A gif where the sentence practice makes perfect is switched to practice makes progress. Neon-yellow background, blue outline letters that get filled in with black and pink. Trademarked by Comms Creatives.

Lastly, one of the things I observe about colleagues who struggle with work life balance is a deep ownership and perfectionism over their professional output.

Whether a colleague stays 3 hours late to write medical records for the day, or a teacher works all weekend to create the perfect curriculum, it’s too much.

I have embraced the “good enough” mentality to improve my work-life balance.

As a vet, I write pertinent and comprehensive medical records. Yet, I give myself grace to be just good enough at work, and to do my absolute best, and know that it’s good enough. And, I leave work on time.

Someone should be able to read my medical record, for instance, and learn the pertinent history, my examination findings and the plan that was communicated and accepted/rejected by the owner.

I don’t need to write a dissertation about the happy little dog that threw up grass once last night. Nobody wants to read that book anyway, I read the reviews. 

Creativity comes into play by finding apps and hacks that speed up the drudgery. Nobody likes to learn a new tool, but once you have systems set up to make life faster, it will pay off in the long run. Some vets are using dictation software and transcription services to make medical records more timely. What are other industries doing that could help? If you are an engineer, what are architects doing that could be useful? If you’re a chiropractor, what could you steal from a dentist’s efficiency and flow?

Creativity is plagiarism, undiscovered (quote unknown). Don’t be afraid to steal a technique if it makes your life better.

What have you done to improve your work-life balance? I would love to hear.

Let me know if any of my two strategies resonate with you.

  • Use Creative Problem Solving to find ways to adapt your schedule 
  • Find creative ways to save money to give yourself more time
  • Aim for good enough, and find time saving hacks from other industries

Isn’t the ultimate goal to create enough income to provide your necessities of life, while carving out enough time to engage your hobbies, spend time with loved ones, and deeply connect with what’s meaningful to you?

In the spirit of the holidays, you can use some of that extra time to volunteer with a local organization, knit some warm hats for the homeless, or share your expertise as a mentor. Whatever you decide to do, I hope it warms your heart.

Have a wonderful holiday season, whatever you celebrate.

I hope you enjoy some metaphorical champagne on Monopoly beer money. 🥂

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