Make Mundane Tasks More Fun With A Little Creativity!

What are some mundane things you know you have to do but just can’t stand?

Do you ever find yourself stuck with mundane tasks that you simply dread? Whether it’s: 

🍽 Unloading the dishwasher

💰 Doing your taxes 

💻 or figuring out a new way to engage your remote team in a morning meeting… 

You can probably think of something you’re doing every day that you feel is a necessary evil, like there’s no way around it, you HAVE to get it done. 

What if I told you that a bit of creativity could transform those annoying tasks into something efficient, engaging, and even fun? 

Let’s take a look at some examples to inspire:

🎤 An Epic Thank You: Rapping for Recognition 

I recently attended the EVENT in Gatineau, and it was a blast! There were delectable snacks from sponsors, a captivating photobooth, and diverse keynotes and events. But what stood out to me was the two-man crew they hired. 

These creative individuals brought a whole new level of engagement by going around the conference, rapping, interviewing attendees, and assisting the MC.  

And? They even found an innovative way to thank the sponsors, making it more memorable than the typical MC reading off a brochure. 

Check out the video on my Instagram:

Not only did this creative addition delight attendees, but it also gave sponsors a unique and memorable experience as the two-man crew rapped about their contributions.

Talk about adding value!

✈️ The Engaging Flight Attendant: Sky-High Entertainment

Have you ever had a flight attendant who made the safety demonstration a little more fun and interesting? 

So that we actually, you know, listen? Instead of squeezing the last few seconds out of our phones before it’s time for Airplane Mode. 

I experienced this on an Air New Zealand flight. They took it further by replacing the demo with a theatrical safety video. Complete with Maori dancers, a catchy song, and an engaging production. 

The message wasn’t lost, but instead, injecting a dose of creativity into something as routine as a safety video is effective because it gets people paying attention. 

🧠 Memorization and Mnemonics: Making Learning Fun  

When faced with the daunting task of memorizing loads of information during veterinary school, I discovered the power of mnemonics (this is just a fancy word for memorization techniques).

It was -ology year (parasitology, virology, immunology, you name it), and we had a huge amount of material to memorize.  

Instead of mindlessly cramming facts into my brain, I would build little songs with my colleagues to help us remember. It made it so much easier and fun! 

You can always ask me about the Reoviridae song to the tune of Duran Duran’s Rio, courtesy of my friend and classmate Catherine.

So, how do we apply this ingenuity to our own dreaded tasks? 

When a task or job is tedious or mundane to you (like folding laundry or making a work presentation or making a meal), here are a few tips to start thinking differently. 

  1. Ask yourself why you’re doing it. Is it even necessary? 
  2. Consider outsourcing (I like to give it to my teenagers) 
  3. Try to find a way that accomplishes the same goal but gives you a little bit more fun along the way or more positive feelings around it. 

Challenge yourself: How can you do it differently?

Perhaps try a Roomba vacuum for hassle-free cleaning or take your meals outside to enjoy cooking without the kitchen mess. Small tweaks can make a world of difference! 

Last month, I had the privilege of speaking to people in three different industries and realized – we are all seeking the same things: Fun, Connecting With Others, and a Sense Of Purpose in everything we do. 

I encourage you to explore the power of creativity to boost happiness, resilience, and problem-solving. Get ready to infuse a touch of magic into the mundane! 

Unleash your inner creative genius and make each day extraordinary.

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