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Energizers for Engagement and Inspiration

Offered as Virtual Session for teams and groups.
Custom presentation delivered alone or built into your meeting.
US$250+ for 15-60 minutes, up to 20 attendees

We’re all just so tired

Need a quick pick-me up?  Your team might be handling the zoom meetings okay, but how is their mood?
Could you use a fun distraction to shake things up a bit? Inspire your team to incorporate easy actions into their day for greater engagement, job performance, and creative thinking.

This is a custom, interactive energizer for your team.  Contact me to discuss how we can make this the perfect pick-me-up for your team or group.

Every-Day Creativity for Uncertainty

Offered as a Keynote and a Half Day Session.
On or Off Site Custom Experiential Programs available.

Uncertainty Sucks

2020 exploded into a mess of global uncertainty.  When will the uncertainty end? What will the world look like? Will we ever get back to “normal”?
We have adapted to seek closure and avoid uncertainty at all costs, for survival.  Our adaptation to avoid uncertainty is an outdated operating system.
Uncertainty unconsciously affects our decision making proficiency.  Watch a video here that explains the pitfalls of decision making in uncertainty.
Now, uncertainty is no longer a question of whether a berry is edible, or what part of the woods is safe from predators.
Today, we are constantly bombarded with news, texts, and emails with  incoming ambiguity.

Ambiguity = threat.

Yet, we can find the closure we crave, anytime of the day.
Go ahead, Google “gestation period of a meerkat”, and you’ll get tens of thousands of results.
Some of the results might actually be correct.
Paradoxically, having information at our fingertips feels good, but has created more anxiety in uncertainty.

The key to thriving in uncertainty this decade is increasing your Tolerance of Ambiguity (TOA).

Research shows that high tolerance of ambiguity is correlated with good things. Increased job performance, critical thinking, complex problem solving, improved well-being, creativity, and organisational commitment.
Also, companies benefit with less turnover, less absenteeism, better attitudes to change, and more effective leadership.

“Tolerance of ambiguity” is life’s hot sauce that connects creativity to complex problem solving and resilience.  Put that s$%t on everything.

All creativity is uncertain. Standing before a canvas. Decorating a cake. Building a pivot table. Eyeballing failure is uncomfortable.
Take a deep breath and just start.

Creativity and Tolerance of Ambiguity are like a pair of superheroes, who band together to form an unbeatable team.  Their foes are villanous Uncertainty and Sir Status Quo, who are not inherently evil, just misunderstood.
Also, they look great in tights.

Caroline presents a rock solid case to convince even the staunchest skeptic to accept their creativity as an inherent, critical, elemental skill to face daily stress with panache.
And did she mention she is a part-time comedian?  No dry bullet lists and droning monotone, pinky swear.

You can learn how to face uncertainty and failure with a creative practice.  Because, to face uncertainty and move forward anyway, no matter what you’re doing, feels the same.  Whether it’s taking a brush to an empty canvas, pressing “send” on a scary email, or deciding who you need on your team.  It’s that moment.  The moment of courage, where you step forward into the ambiguity despite the fear.  Stepping into uncertainty can become as habitual as brushing your teeth.

With fun but intentionally relevant activities, we will challenge paradigms, feel our mindset shift, and develop a clear path to execution.

Don’t worry, there won’t be any bunny hugging, fingerpainting, or Kumbaya singalongs – not that there is anything wrong with that.


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Innovation for the Future

Offered as a Keynote, half or full day session.

By 2030, up to four (or more) million Canadians, and 375 million people worldwide will need to change occupations or skills to stay in the workforce (McKinsey report).  You might have already seen this shift, in response to the turbulence caused by COVID-19.

So, employees will need to shift quickly to adapt to a rapidly changing environment. They will need to learn to change job titles and skill sets, and find creative ways to solve problems. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already started to take over many traditionally technical and analytical tasks. In 2030, 85% of the jobs have not even been invented (Dell, 2017).  How do you prepare for uncertainty? How well prepared were you in March of 2020?

Creativity is the skill you will need to survive and thrive in the changing world this decade.  What companies thrived and survived during the pandemic?  Time will tell, but I’m betting on the companies that adapted and adjusted quickly to the new reality.

We need to seek dissenting opinions and diversity, in order to build a better solution than the status quo.  Get curious.

The World Economic Forum predicted creativity as the #3 required skill in 2020.
CEOs in an IBM study identified creativity as the #1 leadership skill, rated higher than integrity (wow, really?)

Everyone is creative.  You can learn the skills to weather any storm, seek out new challenges, and have fun at the same time.

Most people know they need to embrace creativity, lifelong learning, and adapt to change. And, evidence suggests that creativity will be rewarded with higher pay and more opportunities.
Yet, most of us are not meeting our creative potential (Adobe).  Luckily, companies will reap the rewards of a creative environment. 

We are all capable of the creativity we will need to succeed in the changing workplace.

In this workshop, Caroline uses her nerdy humour to help you connect with your creativity, through paradigm-shifting experiences. A dinner date kind of connection, not just an emoji text to your beloved creative self. As a researcher and veterinarian, Caroline places high importance on data and research, and has a knack for condensing complicated information into the insights that are relevant to you.

Above all, rediscover that inner creative child, passionately curious about new challenges, to create a better world for ourselves, our family and the world.
Don’t be afraid to ask for a custom solution for your team or group.  Hey, I wouldn’t be much of a creativity speaker without putting it into practice, would I?

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