Uncertainty sucks. But what does creativity have to do with it?

How are you supposed to navigate this “new normal” of constant uncertainty and ambiguity?

You know you need to shake things up a bit. You know that creativity is important, because you don’t live in a cave. But you are not certain that a paint night or group hug will create the lasting change you need.

What if you could hire a credible speaker to inspire hope and spur action?  Someone who can show you how and why to be adaptable and confident, despite uncertainty. Creativity creates confidence in uncertainty, as well as a happier, more engaged team. What if I give you the motivation and tools you need, resulting in better engagement, happiness, job performance and resilience. Consider a paradigm shift that eases the panic, and gives a clear path to facing the future with confidence and optimism.

“Enjoy life. There’s plenty of time to be dead.” ― Hans Christian Andersen

I know how important it is to be engaged in a presentation. A late diagnosis of ADHD explains why I struggled to learn from pedantic powerpoint presentations, delivered in a dull monotone, through my veterinary education. Excruciating hours were spent digging my bitten nails into my palm to stay awake, or grinding my teeth to get through another bulleted list of pointless drivel. Life's too short, get to the point!

A combination of passion for performance and credibility keeps me and the audience energized. Stand-up comedy has helped me find the laughs, cut the fat, and fully lean into my message. I have years of experience spicing up dry topics to make them interesting and understandable. I even won an innovation award, partly for gamification of a talk on probiotics, using smarties and red berries candy. Delicious and fun is a great combination!

Can you handle the truth?

It starts with performance, but the content has to be true. My experience in research and academia have embedded the importance of evidence in my DNA. Does it seem like oil and vinegar to find both an entertaining performance and robust, credible content? Well, get your foccacia ready, because I deliver both.

Here's the kind of feedback I love to hear after a talk:
"Great energy session, really engaged the crowd, got everyone thinking (and laughing)" -- Dale Struksnes, Director of Consulting IHS Global Canada.

If you want an interactive and funny, yet professional speaker who provides clear, instantly implementable actions on how to be creative and face uncertainty with confidence, consider me for your next event.
Get to know me in the video below:

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If you want to know more about me....

I always felt that I was a pretty good veterinarian, but I was uncertain about how different my point of view seemed from my colleagues.  In my journey to complete my Certificate of Professional Management, I had to complete a raft of personality tests.  I was fascinated with the results. Around that time I also got diagnosed with ADHD.  What I had previously considered "flaws" in my character became my signature uniqueness.  Unapologetically, I finally embraced my special qualities that give me a unique point of view on the world.

I am deeply creative, but not in a traditional sense.  I love photography, writing and comedy.  I also love to find a new way to close a patient's incision (but not too new, that could be dangerous!), finding a shortcut to work, hacking a recipe or packing a new lunch.  This is everyday creativity..  Innovation requires creativity, and everyone has their own personal flavour.  I love to find emergency exits in dead ends. My entrepreneurial streak manifested as 2 online businesses. I love to learn, about pretty much anything.  Right now I'm learning guitar, currently working on "Sweet Carolinel" by Neil Diamond. I know it seems cliche, but I don’t care.  Maybe I can play it for you soon.

I thrive on animated debate, discourse, or disagreement. Creativity needs dissent.  

I live in beautiful Calgary, Alberta with my patient husband, 2 boys, 1 lazy rescue dog and a geriatric cat who drools when she is happy.

In my spare time you'll find me gardening, hiking, skiing, traveling (when we can), performing stand up comedy,  reading, playing the guitar and connecting with friends.  Let's get real.  You'll also find me bingeing on Netflix, yelling at my kids and doing laundry. I'm all ears for some creative solutions in that department!