Innovation. Everybody knows they need it, but not quite sure how to get it.
Creativity. Nobody things they need it, but everyone has it.
The irony is that creativity (which everyone has) is the key to innovation. You probably knew that already.

Often, advice on innovation and creativity might seem totally irrelevant to your position and daily routine. You know you need to shake things up a bit. You know that creativity is crucial, but you don't think a paint night is what your team needs. How are you supposed to convince a group of people to be creative who have been taught for years to prioritize analytical, scientific and technical traits over "fluffy" skills? How do you link the dots between creativity and innovation?

You need a speaker who can speak their language. A credible speaker who can present rock solid evidence to convince them that they can be flexible and innovative. Someone who can help them embrace their unique style of creativity to avoid obsolescence, then give them the tools to start implementing the same day.

I know how important it is to be engaged in a presentation. A late diagnosis of ADHD explained why I struggled to learn from pedantic powerpoint presentations, delivered in a dull monotone, through my veterinary education. I can't count the excruciating hours I spent digging my bitten nails into my palm to stay awake, or grinding my teeth through another crowded, bulleted list.

It's hard to describe the combination of passion and credibility I bring to the stage - to keep myself and the audience energized. I have years of experience spicing up dry and technical topics to make them interesting and understandable. I even won an award, in part for my gamification of a talk on probiotics, using smarties and red berries candy! Delicious and Informative, that's my kind of combination.
Amateur stand-up comedy and parenting two teen boys has helped my stage presence.

While I love a good performance, I am also a strong advocate for peer reviewed research and evidence based decisions. Sometimes it seems like an entertaining performance and robust, credible content are like oil and vinegar. Well, get your foccacia bread ready because I deliver both.

Here's the kind of feedback I love to hear after a talk:
"Great energy session, really engaged the crowd, got everyone thinking (and laughing)" -- Dale Struksnes, Director of Consulting IHS Global Canada.
If you want a memorable, professional, yet funny and engaging presentation, with actionable takeaways, consider me for your next event.
Get to know me here:

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I always felt that I was a pretty good veterinarian, but I seemed to always have a different point of view from many of my colleagues.  In my journey to complete my Certificate of Professional Management, I had to complete a raft of personality tests.  I was fascinated with the results. Around that time I also got diagnosed with ADHD, in my early 40s.  What I had previously considered “flaws” in my character became my signature uniqueness, my special qualities that, when embraced, give me a unique point of view on the world.

I am deeply creative, but not in a traditional sense.  I love photography, writing and comedy.  I also love to find a new way to close a patient’s incision (but not too new, that could be dangerous!), finding a shortcut to work, hacking a recipe or packing a new lunch.  These are everyday innovations, even though I can’t draw a stick.  Innovation requires creativity, and everyone has their own personal flavour.  I love to find emergency exits in dead ends – creative solutions to old problems. My creative side, combined with my willingness to  stretch my comfort zone, led me to build 2 online businesses, practice stand-up comedy and improv. I love to learn, about pretty much anything.  Right now I’m learning guitar.  Currently working on “Animal” by Def Leppard. Maybe I’ll play it for you soon.

I love to connect random concepts from unrelated disciplines and apply them in new ways to make work more effective and fun.  Which is kind of the definition of creativity.  I especially love to see the look on someone’s face, when I challenge a paradigm.  I thrive on the resulting animated debate, discourse, or disagreement.

I live in beautiful Calgary, Alberta with my patient husband, 2 boys, 1 lazy rescue dog and a geriatric cat who drools when she is happy.
In my spare time you’ll find me gardening, hiking, skiing, traveling, performing stand up comedy,  reading on any topic, playing the guitar and connecting with friends.  Let’s get real.  You’ll also find me bingeing on Netflix, yelling at my kids and doing laundry. I’m all ears for some creative solutions in that department!